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Cock Up Her Ass

Amy wanted to be a model so bad that she was willing to do anything…. Michael told he that he loves anal. Amy had some anal before but wasn’t a huge fan, yet oddly enough the thought of his huge cock sliding up her asshole was a bit of a turn on for her…. She wasn’t always into anal, but sometimes it did wonders for her…

When he finally slide his cock up her ass she was ready for it!


And it felt all so good – nice and wide!

Riding Cock

This little Asian chick loves the cock… She jumps up on top of it and rides him like she’s riding a bucking bronco… Too bad this dumb Asian slut doesn’t have any boobies – it would be nice to see her knockers bouncing up and down while she’s riding him! Then again we don’t see big breasted Asian chicks often!

But Asian chicks who love to fuck… Are a dime a dozen!

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This model was easy and quick to trick out! It helps when they love the cock!

Sucking Cock And Fucking

This blonde slut loves to fuck… She wanted to be a model, and she already knew about the casting couch and was quick to get on with business! That’s what happens when you shoot home porn – She’s willing to do it all to become a model… And that includes sucking cock and fucking, and oh how she loves to be fucked hard!


This blonde slut might be the perfect model!

Red Headed Pornstar Slut

Faye Regan is a hot little red headed pornstar who loves being fucked hard. She’s the kind of chick that all men dream about; She wants to be fucked hard and the rougher it is it seems the more she gets off! This pornstar slut with the perfect boobies spreads her legs wide, wants you to hold on, and then fuck her brains out!

She can take it!

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She’s exactly what your mother warned you about… A red headed slut that can never get enough!

Reverse Cowboy

This slut wanted to be a model… But first she had to learn the ropes! Models don’t just start modeling… Someone’s got to turn them out first to make sure that she knows how to fuck, right? Because models have to fuck to get a manager….

And it turns out this blonde bitch knows enough how to do the reverse cowboy!


This slut loves riding the cock!

Rubbing Her Pussy

Paullina James was just stepping into the tub when her the warm water hit her legs and turned her on… She was half way into the tub when she decided to masturbate instead!

She sat down on the edge of the tub, spread her legs… And started to rub her pussy!

Paulina James masturbates in shower

Paullina James has been masturbating for years, and she knows exactly how to get herself off! She rubbed her pussy without ever sticking her fingers inside of her snatch and masturbated until she got off!

Big Perky Boobs

Now this model has potential… She knew the drill too. We told her that she would be required to do nude modeling and she seemed fine with it, and then when we asked her to get naked so we could see her nude she was quick to strip down… But with beautiful perky big boobs like hers we knew she had to fuck her!

Turns out she likes to fuck too! She was quick to pull out a cock and sit on it, riding it reverse cowboy!


This big brested beauty loves to ride on top!

Alyssa Reece

Alyssa Reece is a horny slut who loves to get off! She’s a model, but hand her a little vibrator and she instantly turns into a little whore who has to get off as quickly as she can! Clearly she’s not getting nearly enough at home! Which is why we need to pimp her out a bit…

Looks like it’s working too – She’s buck ass naked and fucking herself with her little toy!

Alyssa Reece hot-masturbation

Hot Titty Fuck

Long before any chick is gonna model for us, she’s got to show us she can get us off… And there is no better way for her to get us off than a titty fuck because she’s got a killer rack!

All she needs to do is take out cock in her hand and rub it up against her breasts… And keeping rubbing until we cum on her chest!


Once she proves she can do that we’ll call her good enough to be a model! A sexy model that gets us off!

Georgia Silver

Georgia Silver is a totally bangable model that needs to be pimped out… Perfect body, perky tits, thin little waist, and a tight little teen ass

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She’s perfect… But she needs to be pimped out. We need to show her that pimping hand. Remind her who’s boss.

Then make this hot model slut get on her knees and show us how much she likes to give head!