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Facials Are Always Fun

When he asked Lisa if she was willing to take a facial to get modeling work, Lisa just smiled with a coy little smile. Turns out Lisa – with her perky boobs – is a little cum junkie, and she surely isn’t too opposed to sucking some cock and taking a facial to get some modeling jobs… Why not – she loves sucking and fucking, and facials are always fun!

She quickly got naked and started to suck off the photographer! The entire time she was sucking him she had his rather huge cock in her hand, stroking it off!

sucking cock taking facial hot model1

Turns out she loved getting a facial!

sucking cock taking facial hot model3

After her face was covered with his jizz it will be time for her to get to work!

Hot Model Slut Gets Fucked

Poor Melanie wanted to be a model so bad she could taste it… And she was willing to go out all out to make it happen too!

She was more than willing to get naked, and more than willing to get down on her hands and knees to suck off some cock… Chicks are who are willing to suck cock are more likely to become models than chicks that don’t! Melanie here not only sucks cock, but she sucks cock well!

melanie wants to be a cock sucking model7

Once that cock is hard, Melanie knows exactly what to do with it… She needs to fuck it!

melanie wants to be a cock sucking model8

She’ll make a good model for sure!

Asian Model Sucks Cock

Time to trick out this Asian model… she’s a hottie, and has all of the right requirements to be a stunning Asian model…

But first she has to work her way up the ladder – which means sucking cock!

asian slut sucks cock gets 69

Asian chicks love to please, so sucking cock is second nature for her… And this Asian slut can suck cock like you wouldn’t believe!

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Model Sucks Cock

Christine always wanted to be a model – in fact, she was willing to do anything to be a model, including sucking off some cock… Her boyfriend is a photographer and she thought that by dating a photographer she would instantly become a model. Seems not. She was pretty enough, but her boyfriend didn’t want to shoot her…

So she dumped him. And just piss him off, she picked the guy with the smallest cock ever, sucked him off, and got a picture of her giving him a blow job – just to piss him off!

slutty ex girlfriend wants to model

That will teach him!

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Sucking While Fucking

Virgina has always wanted to be a model, so she answered an ad in a local newspaper. She ended up meeting two photographers at their studio…. Instantly she could tell they were both horny AND well hung. She loved fucking men with huge cocks, and she really wanted this modeling gig!

If she had to suck cock to get it, she was down with that. It wouldn’t the first time she’s sucked cock to get what she wants!

virgina hot milf sucks fucks dick4 virgina hot milf sucks fucks dick6

But they wanted to do more than just get their cocks sucked off… If this MILF wanted to make it as a model, she was going to go all the way and put out!

virgina hot milf sucks fucks dick5

Lucky for her, it’s not her first threesome with two men – She can handle sucking a cock while getting fucked!

Ultimate Party Girl

She was known around the club circuit as the ultimate party girl. She never ever said no, no matter what it was.

One night she after too many drinks she mentioned to her party friends that she’s never done anal, some one bet her that she couldn’t take a cock up her ass. Right there in front of everyone she took off her clothes, and start sucking Frank’s cock! If she was going to try anal for the first time she wanted to make sure it was as real as it could get!

anal slut amy

Once his cock was super rock hard, she fingered her ass… And then sat on top of his cock with his huge hard cock going up her ass!

anal slut amy2

She was so drunk that she was laughing the entire time she was getting fucked!

Hot Babe Loves Riding Cock

Holli was an under achiever all of her life. It was time for her to put out to move forward – and when she was thinking “put out” she was talking about fucking his brains out….

Philip was a big player in Hollywood, or so she was told, and she followed him to an archery range…

holli teen slut takes on hollywood1

And once she got his undivided attention, all she had to do was drop to her knees and suck him off

Men will do anything for a cock sucking whore!

holli teen slut takes on hollywood2

And if she had to sit on his cock and ride him to break her way into Hollywood, she was more than willing to do it!

holli teen slut takes on hollywood3

She loves riding on cock any how!

Hottest Ex Girlfriend Photo Ever

Miley was pissed. She refused to have anal sex with her boyfriend, and her boyfriend left her for another chick. She wanted to get back at him… She decided to take some self shot pictures of her self naked in the bathroom mirror… She wanted to say “This is what you’ve been missing”.

slutty ex girlfriend21

To make it even hotter, she sent it to all of his friends too!

Now they know exactly what he’ll never have again!

slutty ex girlfriend22

And that’s one hell of a tight piece of ass he’s missing out on!

Massive Cock Gets Sucked Off

Hannah always loved huge fucking cocks – The bigger the better! But it might just be that this time she has more cock in her mouth than she can handle… Sucking a cock off is one thing – even a huge cock – but fucking it is another thing! No way that cock was going to fit up inside of her!

hannah sucks super huge cock7

So she was just going to have to do the best job she could do sucking him off while fucking his better!

hannah sucks super huge cock8

Chick With Huge Boobs Loves Fucking

Brandy was hot, and she knew it. She had huge knockers and men love huge knockers.

She knew the security guard had been watching her behind her back. She knew she would hit it, but only when she wanted to hit it. She was bossy like that and had the tits that controlled men!

brandy big breasted model slut1

All she needed to do was pull out her boobies and suck off his cock… Men were always suckers when it came to oral sex!

They would do anything just to get a blow job!

brandy big breasted model slut2

When he was good and ready – and his cock was nice and hard – she bent over and took it all in – all of it! She wanted his cock buried deep inside of her pussy!

brandy big breasted model slut3