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Model Gets Fucked

It didn’t take much to trick out Hope… She wanted to be a model so bad she was willing to get naked – very quickly!

teen slut hope loves fucking 3

The best part about this model slut was the more that she took off, the hotter she got – and the more she craved cock in her mouth. It’s almost like this model slut wanted to suck cock!

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Maybe she was less interested in modeling and getting fucked!

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Euro Slut Model

Danika moved all the way from Europe to NYC to become a model… But instead she spent all of her time fucking! Being as she was from Europe and “talked funny” all of the men were into her, and she couldn’t get anything done without every man she meets wanting to fuck her brains out… She showed up to what she thought was a modeling gig and ended up naked with him fucking her brains out on the dining room table while he was playing with her breasts!


Yet somehow this euro slut manages to pay the bills!

Casting Couch Fun

Cindy loves fucking, and this time around she thought she was going to be fucking for the right reason… He was a talent scout looking for new models…. But what she didn’t know is that she was just on the casting couch! Phil takes the best fucks and those are the ones that get a handful of modeling contracts he has…

But in the mean time Cindy got fucked nice and hard!

bonnie-fucking hard

Anal Asian

Asian sluts love to ride the cock – and this Asian slut… Well, she was in for a bit of a surprise when she thought his cock was going to fill up her pussy, but instead it ended up sliding right up in her ass…. She had never had anal sex before, and it hurt like hell! If this was what anal sex was like…. This Asian slut might just have to take a pass!

asian riding cock

But she was stuck – he was already fucking her in the ass and wasn’t about to stop… And after a few moments she discovered it was turning her on too!

Georgia Silver

Georgia Silver is a totally bangable model that needs to be pimped out… Perfect body, perky tits, thin little waist, and a tight little teen ass

georgia silver hot model

She’s perfect… But she needs to be pimped out. We need to show her that pimping hand. Remind her who’s boss.

Then make this hot model slut get on her knees and show us how much she likes to give head!

Sexy Cowgirl

Oh we love hot models in cowboy hats… Tight jeans, sexy boots? Oh yeah… We like our models to show us how to make love like a real woman!

Veronica – the super model cowgirl – can show us exactly how it’s done!

hot Cowgirl stunners

She’s one of those tall models with huge boobs – and lots of blonde hair!

Mia Sexy Bikini

All sexy models have to do the bikini shoot at one time or another… This model is named Mia an she fills out her bikini perfectly!

mia bikini

Sort of makes you want to peel her bikini off of her tight little body and have your way with this sexy dark haired model, doesn’t it?

Katrina Kross

Most of the time we think of models are being tall and blonde. Kartina Kross isn’t blonde, but she’s got some long legs and some super nice hooters! All men like boobies, and Katrina Kross has them – nice and bold!

She seems right at home with her panties around her thighs…. Super hot!

katarina kross

You just know those panties are coming off! And we can’t wait to see this sexy model take them all off!

Alyssa Lovelace

Alyssa Lovelace might be the all time perfect model… blonde hair, killer hips, perfect little breasts… It might not get much better than this!

Those breasts are prefect. The perfect mouthful. Sort of makes you want to take her breasts in her mouth and suck them!

alyssa lovelace

But isn’t that that the job of a hot sexy model?

Adrienne Manning

There are women you want to fuck, and women you want to spend the rest of your life with. Adrienne Manning is one of those chicks you want to spend the rest of your life with. She’s fucking beautiful. And she has a killer little tight body that loves to fuck!

How could any man not want to fuck her over and over again?

Adrienne Manning schoolgirl 2

At least now we know why she’s on Twisty’s!!!

Adrienne Manning schoolgirl 1