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Hot Model Pimped Out

Mae showed up what she thought was going to be a modeling interview, but when she saw the office was set up like a bedroom she should have known better.. But she wanted the job so bad!

She just wanted to be a model!

mae hot teen cock whore1

And when Mae found a huge cock in her face, well, she knew exactly what to do. She didn’t have to be told. See a cock, suck it off!

She did just that taking his huge cock in her mouth and trying to swallow him down!

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Of course after sucking him off… She was hornier than him – and needed to be fucked too!

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Teen Throating Cock

Jane was quick to get down on her knees and take his cock into her mouth. She was so quick about it that it turned him on…

But then she just sucked on the tip of his cock

jane throating cock 1

But then suddenly she kicked in, deep throating his cock, taking his huge cock all the way down – she was throating his cock all the way down!

jane throating cock 2

Hot Babe Has Perky Tits

Britney wanted to be a model and showed up for the modeling interview… But it turns he wanted to talk about a lot more than just modeling! He wanted to bang her… Which is most likely why he became a photographer in the first place!

With tits like this slut has… She must get fucked a lot during interviews…

blonde slut tina gets fucked

Being a model is a great way to meet men and bang photographers, but it doesn’t seem to pay too well for this hot slut!

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Fucking And Riding Cock

She didn’t know it yet… But Alex was going to be whored out. All she wanted to be was a model, but she needed the money… And good models never turn away easy money!

Besides, she loved fucking and riding cock… What slutty model doesn’t like riding cock?

alex gets whored out1

And god yes, she loved riding the cock…. This might be part of the casting couch and something she has to do in order to become a model, but that doesn’t mean she can’t get off in the process!

alex gets whored out2

Sexy Carli Banks

Carli Banks was a model but once she started getting naked… It was one six and half dozen the other – and it didn’t matter that much.

Still she loves getting naked…

carli banks hot blonde naked model14

And when she gets naked she likes to spread her legs… And Carli Banks loves fingering her pussy and playing with herself!

She just wants to get off!

carli banks hot blonde naked model13

Hot Model Rides Cock

Lisa was a model and she was beautiful through and through… No one needed to remind her of how beautiful she was… And she knew she didn’t need to suck cock because she was so hot, but still liked having cock in her mouth…. And Mike didn’t know it yet, but he was about to get his cock sucked off!

blonde model slut tries anal103

Turns out she didn’t have to suck cock, but this model whore wants to suck cock! And she was pretty damn good at it!

blonde model slut tries anal104

And this hot model babe loves riding cock too!

blonde model slut tries anal105

Blonde Slut Loves Sucking Cock

With the way this blonde slut looks with that huge cock in her mouth, she can be anyone’s model… She sure is pretty enough, although of course having a cock in her mouth makes her a lot hotter than she really is!

But we can pimp her out to be a model!


Seems she already knows most of the ropes anyhow, right?

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Spoiled Little Bitch

Sexy little Sammy wanted it all an wanted it gift wrapped. She was a spoiled little bitch used to getting anything she wanted… And today she wanted to be a model! She wanted to be a full fledged model with a photographer running around her taking pictures… But the truth was she just wasn’t pretty enough… Close, but not really model material.

But Sammy is a little slut and she knows exactly what to do when she doesn’t get her way! She gets naked and fucks!

wants to be a model6

And Sammy does this so often that she’s become a little slut!

wants to be a model7

Busty Cougar Fucks Photographer

Amanda knew her place in life. She was busty cougar, and was used to being a slut. Her husband loves to fuck her – why not, she’s easy on the eyes and has huge boobs – but she feels like she missed out on a part of her life. She always wanted to be a model, so one hot afternoon she showed up for an interview with a photographer…


The more they talked about her being a model, the more she wanted to do it – to the point where she was willing to do anything to get the job!

She surely wasn’t above sucking off some cock to become a model! That would make her a cheating whore wife, but that’s okay because she’s always been as slut cheating on the side anyhow!

While she was sucking off the photographer she pulled out her titties!


Then just to ensure that every time he needed a model she would be first one on his list of chicks to call… She fucked his brains out!


Sucking While Fucking

Virgina has always wanted to be a model, so she answered an ad in a local newspaper. She ended up meeting two photographers at their studio…. Instantly she could tell they were both horny AND well hung. She loved fucking men with huge cocks, and she really wanted this modeling gig!

If she had to suck cock to get it, she was down with that. It wouldn’t the first time she’s sucked cock to get what she wants!

virgina hot milf sucks fucks dick4 virgina hot milf sucks fucks dick6

But they wanted to do more than just get their cocks sucked off… If this MILF wanted to make it as a model, she was going to go all the way and put out!

virgina hot milf sucks fucks dick5

Lucky for her, it’s not her first threesome with two men – She can handle sucking a cock while getting fucked!