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Hot babes that look like models but are really just slutty pornstars

First of all let me say that it is a lot easier to become a popular porn models, the so-called Pornstars, then it would be to become a runway model a fashion model those marble that you see wearing Valentino and Emporio Armani. The competition for runway models is a lot more serious, while if you want to become a pornstar, all you need is a good looking body and pretty facial features then of course you need to be a slut you need to be a girl that will take cock from anyone, from any race and even gender, that you will be available to take it up your ass hole and even have sex with multiple guys at the same time.

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Believe it or not there are roughly 21,000 of these girls in the United States alone, roughly 79,000 from all over the world that our so-called professional porn models or that are involved in some way on video in the adult entertainment world.

I know at least, I say personally know at least two dozen girls that are very pretty and would love to become pornstars, they just don’t have the courage to go on not on the produces door either in Miami, Los Angeles or even in New York with a Studios and asked to do a casting events and session and most probably they would immediately get hired to do porn that same day.

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