First of all I would like to apologize to all our friends and most of all our faithful readers, as you may have noticed it has been a few days where unfortunately we have lost over four months of data, we have lost numerous blog posts that talk about Live Porn and porn in general, we discussed websites that were truly delivering and were actually good, websites that we tested in full to guarantee before we wrote an article about the that they were exactly what they claim they were not make offers exactly what they claim they could offer. Well, some jackass when he was moving this blog to a new and improved server forgot to do the backup and we lost all that data.

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Shit happens, so here we are again today posting about two of those websites that were discussed and unfortunately those articles were lost, but as you can see the paragraph above I have already linked one of those incredibly successful and friendly websites and as you can see I am doing here also with this other Live Porn Shows network link therefore if you would like to check them out the case that you missed the article that were deleted, I’m sure you’ll be in for a great surprise.