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Good Enough To Fuck

Megan might not have been cute enough to be a model, but she didn’t need to know that… All she needed to know at this very moment was that she was cute enough to suck cock… And she was!

And what a great little cock sucker she was too!

megan teases huge cock1

But one good suck deserves another – or better yet, one good teen suck deserves to be fucked!

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Not cute enough to model, but cute enough to fuck over and over again!

Model Gets Fucked

It didn’t take much to trick out Hope… She wanted to be a model so bad she was willing to get naked – very quickly!

teen slut hope loves fucking 3

The best part about this model slut was the more that she took off, the hotter she got – and the more she craved cock in her mouth. It’s almost like this model slut wanted to suck cock!

teen slut hope loves fucking 2

Maybe she was less interested in modeling and getting fucked!

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