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He told her that she could be a model. She was so fucking smoking hot that he would have told her anything to get her into bed… He had his camera in the trunk; He told her he wanted to take some quick photos back at her place… She fell for it!

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But once she was on the bed posing for her it made her horny – this trick always worked for him… Now she wanted to fuck!

And he wasn’t above to say no!

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He didn’t want to mess up her cute little pink bed but he had to have her right then and there – and he loved having his cock in her tight little teen pussy!

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Hot Model Pimped Out

Mae showed up what she thought was going to be a modeling interview, but when she saw the office was set up like a bedroom she should have known better.. But she wanted the job so bad!

She just wanted to be a model!

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And when Mae found a huge cock in her face, well, she knew exactly what to do. She didn’t have to be told. See a cock, suck it off!

She did just that taking his huge cock in her mouth and trying to swallow him down!

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Of course after sucking him off… She was hornier than him – and needed to be fucked too!

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