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Teen Slut Sucks Cock

Getting a teen slut to suck off your cock was easy. All you needed to do was tell them that you were looking for models for your next project… And they would do anything for you!

Leslie always fell for it!

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Then again, she was the kind of teen slut that didn’t mind sucking some cock!

Potential Model Sucks And Fucks

Hayley knew there was a good chance this was a scam but still she was willing to go through with it… She was horny any how, so she might as well get some loving while she can!

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If all that got in the way of her being a model was a little cock sucking, well, she was all for it!

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But she didn’t factor in that sucking cock turned her on more than she would admit and once she had his cock in her mouth she had to fuck him!

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Alt Model Pimped Out

He told her he was going to make a model out of her… She was thinking she would be an alt model or something….

Even when he told her to strip down to her bra, she was still into it. Showing off her cleavage was kind of edgy…

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But then when he bent her over and started fucking her in the ass she knew he was thinking of different kind of model!

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