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Model Gives Road Head

Bailey was used to being a model and being in charge… Everyone wants to fuck a model, right?

Maybe in her home town, but not here in Southern California… Every other slut is a model or an actress, and all of them are just waiting to be pimped out like the true little whores they are!

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And it turns out this model slut wanted attention so bad… She she was willing to give him road head!

Model Sucks Cock And Fucks

Eric wasn’t going to waste any time pimping out this model… She wanted to be an actress – what model in southern California doesn’t want to be an actress – and Eric was told that she would do anything to make it to the big time…

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Turns out some cock sucking wasn’t above Cindy… She would gladly suck his cock off if he wanted her too… She was a good girl and so willing to please!

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And when he stripped her down and fucked her from behind, well, this dumb model didn’t seem to mind that either!

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