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Nude Modeling And Fucking

Bailey thought she was showing up for a modeling interview… But she quickly discovered it was a kind of modeling that she had never thought much about! She had never thought of modeling naked

But Nick was so cute and she really wanted to get naked for him…

bailey riding cock 2 bailey riding cock 3

But what sexy Bailey really wanted to do was to fuck him! The more she took off her clothes the hornier she got…

Until she found herself offering to suck him off and ride his cock!

bailey riding cock 1

There was no way she was going to say no to that!

Fucking And Riding Cock

She didn’t know it yet… But Alex was going to be whored out. All she wanted to be was a model, but she needed the money… And good models never turn away easy money!

Besides, she loved fucking and riding cock… What slutty model doesn’t like riding cock?

alex gets whored out1

And god yes, she loved riding the cock…. This might be part of the casting couch and something she has to do in order to become a model, but that doesn’t mean she can’t get off in the process!

alex gets whored out2