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Blonde Slut Loves Sucking Cock

With the way this blonde slut looks with that huge cock in her mouth, she can be anyone’s model… She sure is pretty enough, although of course having a cock in her mouth makes her a lot hotter than she really is!

But we can pimp her out to be a model!


Seems she already knows most of the ropes anyhow, right?

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Spoiled Little Bitch

Sexy little Sammy wanted it all an wanted it gift wrapped. She was a spoiled little bitch used to getting anything she wanted… And today she wanted to be a model! She wanted to be a full fledged model with a photographer running around her taking pictures… But the truth was she just wasn’t pretty enough… Close, but not really model material.

But Sammy is a little slut and she knows exactly what to do when she doesn’t get her way! She gets naked and fucks!

wants to be a model6

And Sammy does this so often that she’s become a little slut!

wants to be a model7

Hot Teen Model Bitch

Carmen was a teen college student who wanted to be a model, but also because she needed some extra income… She sure was pretty enough, and when Jeff showed up… He knew instantly that he could use this teen model bitch – in more ways than one!

carmen meets fucks photographer1 carmen meets fucks photographer2

The meeting went well, and towards the end Jeff told her that he had a lot college chicks looking for modeling work and then he asked what she was willing to do to stand out from the pack… She quickly grabbed Jeff’s cock, pulled it out and started sucking him off!

A few minutes later they were both naked, and she was still down on her knees with his cock in her hand and in her mouth!

carmen meets fucks photographer3

But why stop there… She needs to make sure he remembers her – so this hot model slut fucked his brains out!

carmen meets fucks photographer4

Busty Cougar Fucks Photographer

Amanda knew her place in life. She was busty cougar, and was used to being a slut. Her husband loves to fuck her – why not, she’s easy on the eyes and has huge boobs – but she feels like she missed out on a part of her life. She always wanted to be a model, so one hot afternoon she showed up for an interview with a photographer…


The more they talked about her being a model, the more she wanted to do it – to the point where she was willing to do anything to get the job!

She surely wasn’t above sucking off some cock to become a model! That would make her a cheating whore wife, but that’s okay because she’s always been as slut cheating on the side anyhow!

While she was sucking off the photographer she pulled out her titties!


Then just to ensure that every time he needed a model she would be first one on his list of chicks to call… She fucked his brains out!


Model Fucks Black Cock

Amy didn’t think anything of it when her photographer was black. Color didn’t matter much to her. She had never fucked a black guy; In fact, she had never even thought about it before. But it didn’t seem like this photographer was to interested in shooting her. That’s when Amy said the magic words. She told him she would do anything to get more work. Bingo!

He quickly got naked and this potential model had no illusions as to what he had in mind… And she was down with it all!

hot model slut fucks black cock1

She had never fucked a brother before, but she had heard the stories about black dudes having huge cocks… But it wasn’t until she was riding his cock and he slammed it home that she discovered exactly how big his cock was!

His black meat was so huge that it hurt her when he rammed her with it!

hot model slut fucks black cock2

Facials Are Always Fun

When he asked Lisa if she was willing to take a facial to get modeling work, Lisa just smiled with a coy little smile. Turns out Lisa – with her perky boobs – is a little cum junkie, and she surely isn’t too opposed to sucking some cock and taking a facial to get some modeling jobs… Why not – she loves sucking and fucking, and facials are always fun!

She quickly got naked and started to suck off the photographer! The entire time she was sucking him she had his rather huge cock in her hand, stroking it off!

sucking cock taking facial hot model1

Turns out she loved getting a facial!

sucking cock taking facial hot model3

After her face was covered with his jizz it will be time for her to get to work!

Hot Model Slut Gets Fucked

Poor Melanie wanted to be a model so bad she could taste it… And she was willing to go out all out to make it happen too!

She was more than willing to get naked, and more than willing to get down on her hands and knees to suck off some cock… Chicks are who are willing to suck cock are more likely to become models than chicks that don’t! Melanie here not only sucks cock, but she sucks cock well!

melanie wants to be a cock sucking model7

Once that cock is hard, Melanie knows exactly what to do with it… She needs to fuck it!

melanie wants to be a cock sucking model8

She’ll make a good model for sure!

Asian Model Sucks Cock

Time to trick out this Asian model… she’s a hottie, and has all of the right requirements to be a stunning Asian model…

But first she has to work her way up the ladder – which means sucking cock!

asian slut sucks cock gets 69

Asian chicks love to please, so sucking cock is second nature for her… And this Asian slut can suck cock like you wouldn’t believe!

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Model Sucks Cock

Christine always wanted to be a model – in fact, she was willing to do anything to be a model, including sucking off some cock… Her boyfriend is a photographer and she thought that by dating a photographer she would instantly become a model. Seems not. She was pretty enough, but her boyfriend didn’t want to shoot her…

So she dumped him. And just piss him off, she picked the guy with the smallest cock ever, sucked him off, and got a picture of her giving him a blow job – just to piss him off!

slutty ex girlfriend wants to model

That will teach him!

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