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Kaylani Lei

You can never have too much variety in your life!


Kaylani is definitely one of my favorite asian porn stars and she is just amazing! She has these incredible eyes that seem to say “Fuck Me! Fuck Me!” You tell me, would you give in?

Exotic Alexa


So I’m not exactly sure about where Alexa is from, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I care either! She’s definitely not a natural blonde, but I don’t care about that either! What I do know is that she has an awesome ass and a great pair of natural tits, that I’m definitely not complaining about!

Ashley Brookes

Is it me or does a hot blonde just look like the kind of girl who should have lived next door when you grew up?

ashley brookes

Ashley has one of those incredible bodies and just gorgeous American Girl-Next-Door faces that you just want to wake up next to for the rest of your life! Ashley was especially gifted with an incredible set of tits and even better pair of DSLs (That’s Dick Sucking Lips for you amateurs)!

Sexy Red Anya


A hot red head is hard to come by, but when you find one, God DAMN are they hot! This feisty red head named Anya is definitely one of my new favorites! I just love the pink nipples!!!!

Crissy Moran


Absolutely one of the hottest girls of ALL-TIME! You say the name Crissy Moran to most any hot blooded American man and he’s going to know exactly who you’re talking about! Crissy is one of the hottest chicks ever to grace the pages of the internet and that title will remain for a long time.

Sandy Summers


There’s nothing like fresh meet! Sandy Summers is a fresh faced blonde girl from middle America and I fucking love it! She’s got a tight body, like only a young girl can have, and the willingness to use it!

Briana Banks


I came across this pic of Brianna Banks and it reminded me of all my midnight meetings in the bathroom to evaluate how incredibly hot she is. Brianna pretty much symbolizes to me everything that’s great about porn! Here you’ve got this incredibly hot girl with an incredibly hot body taking her clothes off to suck and fuck every hard cock in site! What a wonderful world!

Eva Angelina


Eva Angelina is the bad girl I’ve come to love! She has to be my current flavor of the month as she just gets my blood flowing. She’s kind of your average porn chick, but she has this personality that comes through in her pics and videos that just makes me blow my load a thousand times stronger!

Aria Giovanni


Ok so Aria never used to really do it for me, but things are changing. Maybe I was too used to the bleached blonde look of most porn models, but Aria is absolutely becoming a fast favorite. She’s got a “real” body and what I mean is she has curves, she has nice big tits, and she’s not trying to become something she’s not.

Jessica Difeo


Ok now, in all honesty, have you ever seen a more perfect body?!?  She’s got big supple breasts, a firm stomach, and just a flawless body!  And, no she’s not skinny as a rail, she’s not all silicone, she’s just absolutely gorgeous!