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More Lovelace

We already posted about Alyssa Lovelace once here this month… But we couldn’t resist taking a second look at this beautiful model from Digital Desire! This time she’s laying down on her stomach, nearly naked, with her titties out on display and wearing those slutty high heels…. Who wouldn’t want to dry hump this blonde beauty?

We’d dry hump this hottie all fucking day long!!!

alyssa lovelace2

Damn, those beautiful models at Digital Desire….

Sexy Cowgirl

Oh we love hot models in cowboy hats… Tight jeans, sexy boots? Oh yeah… We like our models to show us how to make love like a real woman!

Veronica – the super model cowgirl – can show us exactly how it’s done!

hot Cowgirl stunners

She’s one of those tall models with huge boobs – and lots of blonde hair!

Shay Laren

Shay Laren. Need we say anything more?


When it comes to Twisty’s models…. She might just be the hottest!

Sandra Shine

Time for us to meet Sandra Shine from Digital Desire. So damn sexy!

Looks like she’s buck ass naked, which is exactly the way she needs to be… Naked except for high heels!

sandra shine

Because hot models never ever take their high heels off!!

Super Hot Stunner

Check out this hot model we found on Stunners… As if this purple bustier and her sexy black stockings don’t make you all nice and hard…. You know it does!

zafira purple bustier

As if we could just tear off her stockings – with our teeth – and then slowly peel off the rest of her clothes!

Shawna Lenee

Models are usually blonde and tall, but Shawna Lenee has huge fucking knockers… how can this smoking hot model walk with those huge boobs when she’s sporting sexy high heels like she has on… And that blonde hair? So fucking hot!

We’d hit it!


But we’d hit any Twisty’s model!

Monique Alexander

At Digital Desire, there are models, and then there are super models. Monique Alexander is one of the models at Digital Desire who might just pass as a super model. She’s perfect.

Her face is beautiful. It’s the kind of face you want to fuck – or make love to. Her breasts…. Just the right size. Enough so that they’ll stand out in public, but not enough to get in the way when your fucking her.

monique alexander

And god only knows how badly we all want to fuck this sexy blonde model with the perfect body and the perfect face!

Jesse Capelli

Here we go again with Jesse Capelli…. Oh lord; She looks so sexy in her bra and panties! With that long hair and those huge boobs…. Imagine just bending over this model right up against the table right there!

Jesse Capelli

Oh, Jesse Capelli – your so damn hot!

Mallory Martin

We’ve seen Mallory Martin before. She’s got her own site. But today’s posing for Twisty’s. Let’s face it, there is a huge difference between the girl next door and a super model being shot for Twistys. Twisties knows what they are doing and always has the hottest models!

Mallory Martin fits right in!

mallory martin

Damn, who knew that Mallory Martin had such huge boobies? She could be a super model for sure!

Mia Sexy Bikini

All sexy models have to do the bikini shoot at one time or another… This model is named Mia an she fills out her bikini perfectly!

mia bikini

Sort of makes you want to peel her bikini off of her tight little body and have your way with this sexy dark haired model, doesn’t it?