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Katie Cannon


Katie loves to run. Run Katie run. She also enjoys traveling, hiking and spending time with friends and family. Katie told us her family and friends are her life and that she is very close to them. Her ambition is to have a successful career.

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Breakfast in Bed?


I can honestly say that if I were to wake up next to this I would either never get out of bed or just simply die a happy man! Nikki Brooks has just about everything a man could ask for! If there was a 12 inch sandwich sitting next to her then I think it would be absolutely perfect in every way, but I can do without the sandwich, I would definitely not kick her out of bed!

Ashley Taylor


Amazing Ashley has 4 older sisters and if they are as smart and beautiful as Ashley then look out world. Ashleys hobbies include piano, skiing and riding horses. Ashley told us she is a big fan of ice cream.

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Jana Foxy


Jana Foxy is not a stranger to Model Pimps and we’re definitely not complaining. This super hot little blonde has been around since right after she turned 18 and we’ve gotten to see her grow up and blossom into one of the hottest girls online! Look at that ass and tell me it isn’t perfection!

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Ass Up Face Down

You’ve heard of the term “ass up, face down”, right? I’m sure you have! He’s Ashley Brookes giving us a great demo…..

ashley brookes ass up face down1

It’s rather simple really. Women like to spend time on their knees anyhow…. All they need to do is bend over a little bit, put their face down towards the floor, and spread their legs….

ashley brookes ass up face down2

This opens up a world of possibilities – anything from a spanking to shoving your finger up her snatch to ramming it from behind!

ashley brookes ass up face down3

Women love this too – trust us!

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Janet’s Bikini Body

Models love to wear bikinis…. It’s how they best show off their bodies!

And Janet here has the perfect bikini body to show it off with!!!! Look on that rack!!!!!!

sexy stunners10

And the rest of her body looks pretty damn good too!!!!

Sexy White Stockings

Why don’t women dress up more for their men in the bedroom? We aren’t asking for much – a pair of stockings, cute panties, a top with easy access….. Oh, and high heels are a must too!

marci sexy-white stockings

Looks like Marci here is more than willing to dress up for the bedroom fun!

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Bree Olson


Bree is one of the top girls online these days and she’s been picking up awards for it too! And, with a pair of tits like that who can doubt her success! Looking just like a girl you’d see around town, Bree is absolutely stunning and just the kind of girl you want to take home!

More Brianna Banks


I know we’ve featured Brianna before, but I saw this picture and I just had to say I’m fucking jealous! What I wouldn’t give to be that guy right now!

Ashton Moore


Can anybody ever have too much of Ashton Moore!?!? Isn’t this almost every little boy’s wet dream? This hot blonde is the picture perfert girl you want to take home and fuck till you die! A perfect body and a willingness to do just about anything in the bedroom!