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Sexy Blonde Model

Not all models need to be blonde to make it as a model, but this blonde haired bitch pulls it off nicely!!!! The long legs and the short skirt, and the perky little boobies sure does help!!!!!

We’d love to pimp her out!!!!

nevaeh supermodel

She’s another Aziani chick we’d like to knock uglies with!!!

Sweet As Pie

This nice precious chick is from Playboy’s Fresh Faces….. She looks really sweet. Totally digging the long blonde hair!

kimberly from playboy1

And once Kimberly takes off her clothes she’s even sweeter than pie! And you know how we all like pie!

kimberly from playboy2

I bet you this little piece of pie tastes mighty sweet!

Long Haired Brunette

Hot models come in all shapes and sizes and hair colors…. Blonde might have more fun, red heads are always hot, but brunettes with long hair seems to be the sexiest!

This smoking hot Twisties babe with long dark hair seems to hit the mark perfectly!

beautiful brunette model

I surely wouldn’t kick this Twisties babe out of my bed!!!!

Sexy Hot Allison Angel

Allison Angel might just be the all time perfect model ever….. She’s got it all – boobs that stand up on their own without a push up bra, beautiful long legs, long blonde hair, and a face you want to drop a load of cum on!!!!


If that wasn’t enough to blow your mind, this next picture will make you cum in your pants instantly…. Can you girl do this? Most models can’t!


Allison Angel can!!!

Modeling Perfect Breasts

This Aziani model has the perfect breasts…. Not to big, big enough for a handful, and don’t need to be pushed up! Those perky boobies stand up all on their own!!!!

That look on her face….. She looks like she’s about to cum! You know this hottie wants a little bit of cock!!!!


If the top half of this Aziani model is any indication, the rest of her should be perfect too…. I wonder if she’s wearing those hooker high heels!

Either way I’d so fucking hit this!!!!

Beautiful Ass

Looks like this Twisties wants a spanking….. She’s got her titties out and is bending over, just waiting for someone to leave a hand print right across her ass cheek!

spanking model

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Sexy Zoe

Oh this is hot….. This chick from FTV Girls in the pool! Her breasts are floating!

Zoe… What a beautiful name!!!

sexy brunette naked pool1

And Zoe had a beautiful rack!

sexy brunette naked pool2

But it’s this last picture of this model that takes the cake….. Take about pure sex appeal, with her ass sticking up out of the water! Very hot!

sexy brunette naked pool3

Hotness Model

Hotness is… Well, hotness is this model!


Wow, fuck me… That’s a sexy ass dress! Not much to it, nice and tight, and shows us everything we want to see. And this Aziani chick shows it off nicely we might add!!!

Jacqueline From Playboy

How about Jacqueline on a yellow Porsche? Good looking car, good looking chick…… Totally hittable model!

hot blonde hot car1

You have to admit Playboy’s Fresh Faces has it going on… We love it when models get down on their backs!!!

hot blonde hot car2

Boobs For Days

Yummy – This Twisties babe has boobs for days! That’s important when your a model – boobs and legs, boobs and legs… That’s what it’s all about!

Sort of makes you wonder what she looks like with a tight shirt on!!!

boobs for days

Now we need to show this model our pimping hand!!!!