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Child Bearing Hips

Oh, yummy! Eva Shine is one hot chick we’d like to shine on!

eva shine sexy breasts1

She’s got those child bearing hips that just scream “come and hit me from behind” – and you know you would!!!!

eva shine sexy breasts2

Now imagine her with a dildo stuck up inside of her snatch!!!!

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Red Head Anya

It’s been said that blondes have more fun and we believe this. However, at the same time we believe that redheads are twice as much fun in the bedroom – and even more fun when they are riding on top of you.

Sexy Anya is a great case in point!

red headed porn star1

But as with any porn star these days… Does the carpet match the curtains? That’s for us to know and you to find out!

red headed porn star2

We know you secretly want to see a red landing strip between those black stockings….. It’s a real treat for the eyes!!!!

red headed porn star3

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Huge Rack

This picture of Mandi Rose Fanelli makes it official – She’s a full blown porn star.

What a huge fucking rack!

super porn star mandi rose fanelli

We wonder what it would be like to watch her doing some jumping jacks… Naked of course!!!

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Breast Feature

Ever notice that porn chicks like to play with their breasts? Roxy Carter is no exception. She seems to be excited playing with her own breasts!

breast feature

Let’s take a closer look at her playing with her breasts, shall we? Very nice!

breast feature

All women are amazed by their own breasts… You’ve caught your own woman naked coming out of the shower getting ready, putting on her make up, and playing with her breasts! It happens all the time!

If we had breasts like Roxy Carter we’d be playing with them all the time too!

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Sexy Casey Parker

Casey Parker is another one we’d never really consider a porn star…. She’s too tiny, and her breasts aren’t nearly large enough. I mean, fun to look at and play with, but not the huge melons we’d come to expect from a porn star….

That’s not to say we wouldn’t hit until we were sore…..

casey parker sexy bikini porn slut1

Perhaps we should reconsider this…. Any woman who is in such a hurry to get some cock in her that she is too busy to take off her bikini top and only wants to take off her bottom so she can be taken hard from behind…. Is totally porn star material!!!!

casey parker sexy bikini porn slut2

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Not Typical Porn Star

Jana Foxy isn’t your typical porn star type of chick but mostly because she looks more like a teen chick and doesn’t have the massive boobies. But she sure has been everywhere these days, including being featured on the Twistys website!

jana foxy perfect breasts1

That’s not to say Jana’s boobs are a let down… they are perfect – The perfect mouthful. Just not what you’d expect from a up and coming porn star!

She’s got a tight little body too….. Don’t worry, her tits would bounce around just fine when she’s riding on top of us!!!!

jana foxy perfect breasts2

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Screaming Out Porn Star

Check out Tawny Roberts – tell us that she just doesn’t scream “PORN STAR” to you late at night!

tawny roberts porn star look big hair

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Charlie Laine

Is that the Penthouse Key we see there?

sexy charlie lain

Seems so! Charlie Laine was the Penthouse Pet of the month for February 2006! Seems she’s still proud of this fact – and still looks hot to trot!

Wow – check out those tits. Those are just perfect!!!!

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Terri Summers

Everyone likes bikinis (unless your a flaming homo and even then you might still like it!), and when porn stars wear a bikini and start take of their clothes…. It’s hot hot hot!

terri summers sexy-blue bikini

This is Terri Summers and it looks like she still has some hairy snatch left over from winter….. She needs to shave that up! And do we see a little camel toe there? That’s hot too!

Those are some perfect breasts, are they not???

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Hot Little Tart

Stacy Stone is a bit difficult to figure out – We aren’t sure if she’s a farmer’s daughter from the Midwest or deep South, or perhaps she’s from New York City and has that funny accent! Either way she’s all of 105lbs soaking wet, has C cup boobs, and looks like she hasn’t had sex in nine and a half weeks!

stacy stone farmers daughter new york bitch

Looks like she couldn’t wait to get out of her shirt and let her boobies free!

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